1MT is...

Solving important problems for
entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurs can solve the world’s most important problems

We equip growing companies with the tools, strategies, and resources needed to be able to successfully navigate continued business growth.

Accelerate Your Growth By Building THE RIGHT Team And Implementing THE RIGHT Systems And Processes To Help You Scale...

Growth doesn’t happen out of the blue… we’ve helped dozens of brands scale their teams, plug in the right systems and models to measure success so they can focus on delivering value to their audiences. We can do the same for you.

Our signature program designed to help you step build your team so you don’t have to keep wearing all the hats with ineffective or outdated systems.

Our world class placement program that helps you get the help you need to STOP spending your time doing $10, $20, or $50 tasks. Your new virtual assistant will take TONS of work off your plate, or off your team members’ plates. That way you can focus on vision and growth.

1MT Serves Mission & Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs.....

As a company, our purpose is to solve the major problems modern
businesses face.

When entrepreneurs are liberated from time wasters, “stupid taxes” and from sub-optimal strategy & execution…

…they open up space to make a much greater impact.

When an entrepreneur is able earn more and have a business that, instead of being a never ending hustle on the Hamster Wheel, gives them more energy…..

That is when you begin to experience true momentum, freedom, & abundance.

We drive towards our purpose through a combination of free, in-depth resources as well our signature business accelerator.

On this page you can learn a bit more about all of our currently available resources, both free & premium, for helping Entrepreneurs grow their business. And if you would like to schedule a conversation to discuss potentially joining, please click the Apply button:


Our mission is to empower 1 million entrepreneurs to grow 7+ figure businesses, to add 1 trillion dollars to the global economy, which creates the capacity and capital to solve the world’s largest issues.
When we decide to take on a client or partner, we also adopt their mission & their purpose.
By helping our clients and partners achieve their
missions, we achieve our ultimate mission of empowering
1 million Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to 7+ figures.


You have a big vision, a powerful message, and a significant purpose.
And it evolves in response to the actions you take (as well as the intention & energy you bring to the action).
Consistently doing 1 More Thing compounds, grows,
and eventually creates 1 Million Transformations
(and beyond)
There is NO limit or ceiling for what you are capable of. There is NO cap on your potential.
BUT, how much of it gets actualized and realized is up to you.

CORE is our premier business Accelerator for companies currently generating $50k+ per month in revenue

Entrepreneurs and their teams are led through a proven growth process designed to make businesses run more efficiently, become more predictable, and maximize the value it generates (for customers, clients, employees, owners, and the world as a whole.)

A major goal of CORE is to create leverage for Entrepreneurs by helping them build an effective team, create efficient processes, and allow the Entrepreneur to spend as much time in their “Zone of Genius” as possible.

Learn more about how CORE works, see the results that Entrepreneurs already in our Accelerator are getting, and meet the team who will be there to serve you + guide you through the program here: